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Beverly Creek Farms of Millgrove Ontario is a meat processor and retailer of high quality products.  Beverly Creek has a market for high quality Southdown or Southdown sired lambs.  Southdown lamb is known for being a mild flavored, fine textured, highly desirable meat.


SIZE & STANDARD of Product Required

  • All lambs must be grain finished for a minimum of four weeks prior to slaughter.

  • Shall not be fed, injected with, or otherwise have been administered any medication, unless such products are approved for the use and administered according to approved methods and dosages.

  • Preferred finished live weight of 105 lbs to 120 lbs

  • ALL LAMBS must be sired by a registered Southdown ram, and pedigrees will have to be supplied to Beverly Creek for verification.

  • ALL Lambs must be tagged with CFIA certified tag before leaving farm

  • ALL lambs must be tagged with the Certified Southdown Tag before leaving farm to assure segregation of lambs. Tag cost to be determined.



  • Price is a two week floating average plus a 15 cent per pound premium using live weight markets from Ontario Stockyards, Cookstown, Ontario Livestock Exchange, Kitchener and Brussels Livestock

  • Price is a minimum of $2.00 /lb and a maximum of $2.60 /lb live weight, to provide price protection for both producer and processor.

  • 3% shrink on, on-farm weight of lambs

  • Beverly Creek Farms will pay the check off to OSMA

  • Beverly Creek Farms will issue payment by cheque mailed within 10 days of lambs being delivered to slaughter facility


Pricing Example



110lb lamb on farm -3% Shrink = 106.7 lbs X $2.41 =$257.15



  • It is the responsibility of the producer to deliver lambs to the slaughter plant at the time requested by Beverly Creek Farms



  • Beverly Creek Farms will provide feedback on lamb carcasses. With hope of having a grading system as technology capabilities and slaughter facilities allow in the future.

  • Beverly Creek Farms will provide technical assistance if requested for ration balancing and setting up breeding programs to help producers maximize efficiencies on farm


Jon Hardwick  905-730-7940 * Trent Hardwick 905-877-3472 * Keith Todd 519-525-7539

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