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Hello, We Are The Ontario Southdown Club

We strive to create a space to promote the Southdown Breed, and the Breeders who work so hard each year to provide great breeding stock and important information for all interested in either producing, buying or showing this incredible breed of sheep!

This year's president message,


Hoping that everyone has had a healthy and safe 2021.

Welcome to the new members and a big thank you to everyone for their continued support to the Club.

Some exciting things that we are hoping to look forward to in 2022 are:

In the Spring, The Annual Ontario General Southdown Club Membership Meeting.

In the Summer, The All Canada Sheep Classic in Ancaster,Ontario on July 7th-9th.

Followed by the Fall Fairs & ending with The Royal Winter Fair in November, where we support the 4-H Youth and hold our Annual Southdown Cash/Sheep Draw. They will they will be celebrating 100 years. What an accomplishment.

Going forward into 2022, wishing everyone a good upcoming lambing season. Looking forward to a great year in 2022 with shows, fairs, get togethers and new club members.


Sean McBrien

Ontario Southdown Club President 2022


Meet our team!

Sean McBrien

2022 President

Jonathan Parkinson

2022 Vice President

Laura Gratrix

2022 2nd Vice President

Joan Finlay


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