Hello, We Are The Ontario Southdown Club

We strive to create a space to promote the Southdown Breed, and the Breeders who work so hard each year to provide great breeding stock and important information for all interested in either producing, buying or showing this incredible breed of sheep!

This year's president message,

I hope everybody has had a good 2018 season and that the 2019 season is on its way to a good start.

Hopefully everybody had a good winter and it wasn’t too cold.  With fair season just around the corner I hope to see everybody out with all there best Southdown’s. We would love to see everybody make it out to the meeting and if anyone has any new members to bring along, they are more then welcome to come. The more the better!  If anyone has anything to bring up at the meeting we would love to hear some input on things that you would like to see the club do better this coming year. We hope everyone had a good year with sales and everybody is pushing the ram sales for the Certified Southdown program. We would all love to see the Southdown breed be as big as we can get it.



Gary Finlay

Past President of the Ontario Southdown Breeder’s Club 2019

Meet our team!

Sean McBrien

2021 President

Jonathan Parkinson

2021 Vice President

Laura Gratrix

20212nd Vice President

Joan Finlay